The beauty and importance of the Hungarian Synagogues

September 24th, 2014

According to info got by, Magyar Posta issued the next stamps from the series "The Synagogues of Hungary". On the seventh and eighth denomination of the issue the altar and internal parts of the Synagogues of Miskolc and Mád can be seen.

The stamps are available for purchasing beginning from the 2d of September.

The Synagogue of Miskolc

The first stone of the temple was laid on 15 April 1861. The large-scale construction work was completed in 1863, and on 3 September the Jewish community of Miskolc inaugurated their new synagogue. The synagogue itself suits the most common Romantic synagogue type in Hungary, mixed with Neo-Romanesque motifs at some places. It was an architectural innovation that cast iron supporting columns - used in Hungary at that time only in industrial buildings or in the hanging corridors of urban residential buildings - were important elements of the temple structure.

The synagogue is surrounded by a row of single-storey houses, in which there are flats and also a winter prayer room, where they held services, and it was also used for educational purposes.

The Synagogue of Mád

The first Jewish families moved into the wine producing village of the Hegyalja region in 1726. In 1771 the Jewish community already had a synagogue and a rabbi. During World War II the community was destroyed, by now only a few of them live in the village. Among Hungarian monuments the Baroque (Louis Seize style) synagogue built in 1795 is quite unique. It is situated in the street parallel with the main street. The nicely renovated entrance is on the southern side of temple, which has a rectangular design.

The parapet wall of the eastern and western facade rises high above the temple. Its buoyant Baroque contour forms an arched gable at the very top. At the two sides and in the centre of the facade there are decorative vases in the Louis Seize style. On the eastern wall three large semicircular windows can be seen, and on the west side we can find a staircase leading up to the balcony.

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