The beauty and majesty of Ukraine – Volyn region stamp

December 8th, 2014 hurries to inform that Ukrposhta has released a special stamp dedicated to the beuty of Volyn region. This stamp is a part of philatelic series "The beauty and majesty of Ukraine". The item was released on the 3d of December and is now available for purchasing.

The Volyn oblast is located in the north-western part of Ukraine within the geographical area called the Ukrainian Polissia. The oblast borders to Poland in the west, Belarus to the north, Rivne and Lviv oblasts of Ukraine to the east and south.

Volyn region has a favorable geographical position. The region is located at the crossing of European trade roads. The roads between Kiev, Warsaw and Berlin, the Baltic and Black Seas run through the region.

The territory of the province makes 3.3% of the territory of Ukraine. It stretches for 187 km from the north to the south, and 163 km from the east to the west.

The lakes, rivers, forests, medicinal mud, mineral waters, hunting, fishing, all these create necessary conditions for the development of travel and tourism industry in Volyn region. Full value rest and recreation are available for everybody.

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