The beauty of Asinara Island underlined with a new stamp by Italian Post

September 11th, 2015 is glad to inform that Italian Post has released a special stamp to mark the beauty and glory of Asinara Island.

The item depicts one of the most stunning landscapes of the park.

The issue was released and put into circulation on the 12th of August.

Asinara is the third largest island of Sardinia after Sant'Antioco. It houses a great variety of habitats. The island has an extremely odd historical, environmental, and legal status. It is known as "Isola del Diavolo" ("Devil's Island"), since it was used as a quarantine location, as a prison camp during the First World War, and as one of the most important Italian high security prisons during the terrorist period of the 1970s and during the struggle against organized crime, until the establishment of a National Park in 1997.

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