The beauty of Notranjska Regional Park celebrated by Slovenia Post. A breathtaking view on Lake Cerknica appeared on stamp!

October 9th, 2017

Mountain peaks with breathtaking views, colourful meadows, an intermittent lake, natural bridges, mystical underground world, crystal-clear streams and magical forests – all on 222 square kilometers of Notranjska Regional Park.

To underline the beauty of this natural wonder Slovenia Post issued an exquisite stamp depicting Lake Cerknica – one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. invites everyone to take a look at this special item!

Notranjska Regional Park lies within the boundaries of the municipality of Cerknica and has an area of just over 222 km². It was established in 2002 with the intention of preserving, protecting and researching the natural and cultural assets of the area. It is distinguished by a high degree of conserved natural habitats, numerous natural monuments, extraordinary biodiversity and a distinctive cultural landscape marked by a long and propitious interweaving of human activity and nature.

Lake Cerknica (Cerkniško jezero), the heart of Notranjska Regional Park, is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. Water usually remains on Cerknica Polje (Cerkniško polje) for around nine months of the year. In normal conditions the lake covers an area of more than 20 km2, but when water levels are highest this figure increases to almost 30 km2. When it is full, Lake Cerknica is the biggest lake in Slovenia. In the dry part of the year, when the lake disappears, an undulating karst terrain with numerous swallow holes is revealed.

In a single year it is possible to row, fish, skate, ramble and mow a meadow – all in the same place! At the same time Lake Cerknica hosts all manner of creatures ranging from the tiniest snail to the mightiest bear. The variety of life here is truly remarkable, and the Notranjska Regional Park is thus one of Slovenia's biodiversity hotspots. Scientists and nature lovers have been drawn here since time immemorial, and this unique environment always offers them something they have never seen before.

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