October 9th, 2017

The beauty of Upper Rock Nature Reserve marked by Gibraltar Post. 7 picturesque stamps released


The Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful places that you can admire while visiting Gibraltar. It is a protected nature reserve on the upper part of the Rock of Gibraltar that covers over 40% of its land area. Here you will definitely feel as if you were on top of the world. Europe is at your feet. Surely, this place is worth your attention.

To mark the beauty of this reserve Gibraltar Post has introduced seven stamps depicting some picturesque places and landmarks that can be found there. The views in the reserve are truly breathtaking and this beauty was demonstrated with newly issued stamps by Gibraltar Post.

The flora and fauna of the Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve is protected by law. The reason is that here there are more than six hundred species of beautiful flowering plants (some of them are very rare). Some of the most distinctive plants and bushes are Osyris and terebinth, scorpion vetch, spiny broom, teline, wild jasmine, Biscutella and wild parsley etc. There are some rare species in the reserve. For example, a rare Gibraltar campion can be found only on Gibraltar and it was thought for a while to be extinct.

The stamps of this issue concentrate not only on the natural wonders of the reserve. One of the philatelic items features majestic ‘Windsor Bridge’. The other points of interest marked with these stamp release are the famous ‘Great Siege Tunnels’; the popular Apes’ Den; the Cable Car; the incredible St. Michael’s Cave; the awe-inspiring Mediterranean Steps and the Moorish Castle.

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