The biggest commemorative stamp ever issued by Great Britain

January 8th, 2015 would like to share the interesting information with our readers. This article considers the stamp that is said to be the biggest in the philatelic history of Great Britain. What is more this item was included in the list of 75 top striking stamps of the United Kingdom.

The 50p value issued for the London 1980 international stamp exhibition (whose logo appears in the top left corner) had an unusually large format, one which has never been used again. And it made full use of this by offering an impressive montage of London landmarks, engraved in superb detail and attractively recess-printed in dark brown on white.

The item depicts the most famous attractions of London. Below wispy clouds and an unusual reproduction of the Queen's head in a cartouche, rising above the Thames Westminster Abbey, Nelson's Column, the Shaftesbury Memorial fountain (statue of Eros) at Piccadilly Circus, the Post Office Tower, the Houses of Parliament's Big Ben clock tower, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London can be seen.

This rare and old stamp is a wonderful, uplifting celebration of the history and grandeur of the capital, rewarding every collector who takes the time to look closer.