February 2nd, 2015

The British people as an inventive nation – new stamp issue by Royal Mail

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform that Royal Mail is to introduce its special series of stamps on the theme "The inventive Britain". The issue consists of eight items that are scheduled to be put into circulation on the 19th of February.

The UK has a long and rich history as an inventive nation. The Inventive Britain stamp issue celebrates this vital and creative aspect of the national character with eight key inventions of the past century in a range of disciplines and applications, from materials to medicine.

Designed by GBH, each of the eight special stamps depicts key inventions created by British inventors over the last century: Colossus, World Wide Web, Catseyes, Fibre Optics, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, DNA Sequencing, i-limb. The design company created original visual interpretations of the inventions' key functions for six out of the eight stamps, while two were designed using existing imagery and CGI illustration.

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