The Cattle of Our Regions – Rare and Little Known Breeds stamp booklet from France

February 24th, 2014

To commemorate the Salon de l'Agriculture 2014, La Post issues a booklet of 12 stamps featuring the French cow breeds represented in very small numbers and little known to the general public.

The booklet depicts rare French cow breeds often less productive than the breeds most commonly encountered. There are 13 breeds of cattle in France preserved for more than 30 years by breeders' associations, in partnership with the Institute of Animal Husbandry and the Institute of Research and Development of Herbivore Livestock. A particular attention is paid to these breeds since they are very identifying for the French regions to which they are well suited and very characteristic in their morphology: color, shape of horns, etc.

All the 13 breeds are represented on the booklet in different postures and on the background of a simple and natural environment for better identification.

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