The centenary of Giuseppe Mercalli's death commemorated by Italian Post

December 23rd, 2014 is glad to introduce a special stamp issue by Italian Post dedicated to Giuseppe Mercalli - an Italian volcanologist and Catholic priest. The issue was released on the 15th of December and is now available for purchasing.

Giuseppe Mercalli is best remembered for the Mercalli intensity scale for measuring earthquakes which is still used today. The Mercalli scale, unlike the more famous Richter magnitude scale, doesn't measure the actual energy released by an earthquake but how much effect an earthquake had on a given area, making it poorly suited for measuring earthquakes in sparsely populated areas, but ideal for comparing damage done by various tremors.

The Mercalli scale, which has been widely used in earthquake engineering, gives a rating from I to XII, where I is felt only by a very few and XII has near total damage, few or no masonry structures remain standing, and objects are thrown into the air.