The collection of century old stamps is going under the hammer at Cooma silent auction!

January 20th, 2016 is glad to share exciting news from philately world with our devoted users. This one considers the unusual silent auction that has shown great results: a collection of old stamps some dating back almost a century is going under the hammer in an unusual auction at Cooma in southern New South Wales.

The Cooma Vinnies shop, one of 650 charity stores run by the St Vincent de Paul Society, is taking silent bids on five albums which contain stamps and stamped envelopes from all over the world.

Manager Donna Kunowsky wanted to include the donated albums in her curiosity cabinet of special and unique items, but had no idea what they were worth. She settled on a form of silent auction after hearing about a similar charity sale of an estate stamp collection.

If a bid offered is higher than one already taken, Ms Kunowsky rings the original bidder to see if they are willing to up their price.

"It's really cool", Ms Kunowsky said.

"It's just kind of a fun thing to do and I'm kind of very honoured to be the caretaker of [the collection] until we find somebody that will really love it".
Ms Kunowsky said album pages had darkened with age and were delicate and "crispy".

But the stamps are in beautiful colours of "green, hot pink, purple, black, orange, blue, lavender", she said.
The collection includes some stamps dating back to the 1920s and stamps from wartime Germany.

Stamps from France and Germany being auctioned at the Cooma Vinnies shop.

The vice president of the ACT Philatelic Society Darryl Fuller said rare and valuable stamps did turn up now and then in collections donated to charity or left to family members.

"It's not overly common but it does happen occasionally", Mr Fuller said.

"Sometimes people don't know what they've got [because] the collector doesn't talk to their spouse.

"And so the spouse just either throws them out or just gives them away, not knowing that this person may have spent a lot of money over the years".
Mr. Fuller recalled one example when he worked for a stamp auctioneer.

"Most people who walked through the door didn't have a lot", he said.

"But one person walked through one day and he must have had three of four hundred thousand dollars' worth of stamps that his grandfather had bought over the years".
The Cooma Vinnies stamp auction started in November and finishes on January 23.

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