The culture of Guernsey represented by its most famous artists

July 29th, 2015

This year's SEPAC theme is 'Culture'. According to info received by Guernsey Post has chosen to celebrate paintings from a variety of artists who had connections with Guernsey on its edition of this stamp series.

This striking set includes two very different paintings of Moulin Huet Bay ‒ one by Renoir and one by Naftel. The issue has been already designed and is to be put on sale on the 22d of July.

The French impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent a month in Guernsey in the late summer of 1883. During this time he created about fifteen pictures, all showing views of the bay and beach of Moulin Huet, located at the east end of the island's rocky south coast.

It is not known what attracted Renoir to Guernsey, but it is evident that the trip was instrumental in the development of his ideas about painting.

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