The democratic birth of the State of Lithuania marked with a stamp. One special philatelic item introduced by Lithuania Post

March 4th, 2017 is glad to let our readers know that Lithuania Post issues the second set of stamps which commemorates the anniversary of a restored independent State of Lithuania on the occasion of the approaching centenary of the state restoration.

On February 11, Saturday, another postage stamp appeared in circulation. This stamp is dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of the famous Lithuanian poet of the 20th century Kazys Bradunas.

“The democratic birth of the State of Lithuania is captured in this set of commemorative stamps: from the early rudiments of statehood, which were expressed through a saved Lithuanian word during the years of national oppression, to the created idea of an Independent State in the Great Seimas of Vilnius and Vilnius Conference.

Therefore, these three new postage stamps recall important events of the Lithuanian history that contributed to the establishment of the Council of Lithuania, which declared the Act of Independence on February 16, 1918,” Head of Corporate Affairs Department of Lithuania Post Rasa Kruopaite-Laliene said.
Also, on February 11, Saturday, Lithuania Post commemorated the 100th birth anniversary of one of the most famous Lithuanian poets of the 20th century Kazys Bradunas (1917-2009), who belonged to the famous wartime students generation. The postage stamp in the poet's memory was created by the artist Tomas Dragunas. The stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Kazys Bradunas is released in the edition of 200 000 copies and the nominal value of the stamp is EUR 0.39.

Along with the commemorative souvenir sheet “100th Anniversary of Restoration of Lithuanian State” and the postage stamp “100th Anniversary of Kazys Bradūnas”, the first day covers were released.