The Environment in Greenland. The series is continued with two new stamps

January 23rd, 2018

Last year POST Greenland started a new series, focused on the environment, and how environmental changes affect Greenland. is glad to present the second issue in this series.

These are two stamps that were designed by the artist Gukki Naka, who makes his debut as a stamp artist with this issue.

We also invite you to get acquainted with the first part of Environment in Greenland series Environment in Greenland stamp series.

Although environmental changes have been strongly linked to man-made greenhouse gas emissions for years, too little is being done to counter this. With its position in the Arctic, Greenland is one of the places on Earth, where climate changes are seen clearest. With temperatures rising globally, consequences are stark for the natural inhabitants of the Arctic.

These challenges are depicted on the first stamp, where we see a Polar Bear swimming in the ocean, as the climate changes are taking away the ice that is essential for the life of the Polar Bear. The darkness of the stamp underlines the severity of the situation.

The design of the second stamp in the set is named Fatamorgana, and speaks to the issue of massive ice thaw as well. The stamp depicts an iceberg in dark colors, and with several layers with different degrees of transparency.

The effects make the iceberg seem as if it is shrinking in size, while warning of the ice-less future. Both stamps are very artistic in their expression, resulting in a beautiful, thought-provoking issue.