The Famous Battle was Featured on the Stamp

September 12th, 2014

According to the info got by Lithuania Post issued postage stamps commemorating the most famous historical events was supplemented by a new stamp featuring the Battle of Orsha. This event is considered to be one of the greatest battles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

This year marks the 500th anniversary of this battle. To commemorate this occasion, Lithuania Post released a new stamp that was put into circulation on September 6, Saturday.

The stamp features a scene from the battle of Orsha and Konstanty Ostrogski (Konstantinas Ostrogiškis), the grand hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The stamp was created by the artist Domantas Vildžiūnas. The nominal value of the new stamp is LTL 2.60 (EUR 0.75). The stamp will be issued in the edition of 160 thousand copies.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover was released.

The Battle of Orsha raged on the 8th of September in 1514, at Orsha, between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the hired soldiers were led by Konstanty Ostrogski. The forces of Moscow were led by Ivan Chelyadnin.

The Battle of Orsha continued the war of 1512 between Lithuania and Russia. Before Orsha, the Muscovites had occupied Smolensk, the most important outposts of Lithuania in the East. Therefore, it was necessary to stop the Russian army marching deep into Lithuania.

The first clashes of the forces led by Ostrogski and Chelyadnin occurred in August of 1514. The re-grouped armies met in the decisive battle in the morning of September 8. The Muscovites made several attempts to make the break through the Lithuanians‘ defence, but were stopped..

Shortly, the forces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania captured Chelyadnin and other high-level commanders. Supposedly, there were several thousand prisoners of war, and the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasilij III refused to redeem the captives.

In the world history, the Battle of Orsha is treated to be one of the first classical artillery ambushes.

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