May 25th, 2015

The Firefighters and Rescue Workers Day celebrated by Latvian Post

Tags: got to know that Latvian Post has released a special stamp to celebrate Firefighters and Rescue Workers Day. The stamp and the cover Firefighting in Latvia – 150 have been designed by Ludis Danilāns. The issue was put into circulation on the 15thof May.

On May 17, 2015, 150 years will have passed since the Riga City Volunteer Firefighters Brigade for the first time coordinately responded to a fire. The origins of Latvian firefighting date back to 1864. After the establishment of the Riga City Volunteer Firefighters Brigade, similar volunteer firefighters associations started to appear in other towns and cities of Latvia.

To express the gratitude and respect for the people who risk their own safety to rescue other people's lives, in 2011 the Parliament (Saeima) of Latvia declared May 17 to be the professional holiday – the Firefighters and Rescue Workers Day.

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