The gold of Jalapao – new stamp series from Brazil Post

September 15th, 2014 hurries to inform that Vrazil Post issued a new series of stamps dedicated to the golden grass. Its main characteristics are durability, its unique beauty color, which resembles gold, and its smooth and soft texture. Its straw is used in the manufacture of handmade products, such as bracelets, earrings, key chains, bags, belts, parts of decoration, among others products. The issue was released and put into circulation on the 12th of September.

The first stamp allusive to the issue Golden grass – The gold of Jalapao shows the Map of the State of Tocantins, in which the region of the Jalapao is highlighted. The thatch of the grass around the Map symbolizes the abundance of this raw material. In the second stamp, a woman, wearing a handkerchief on her head, at the harvesting, references the cautious way in which this activity is carried out.

The third stamp is in skillful hands making a table mat, showing the golden grass handicraft. The fourth stamp presents, at the bottom, the Brazilian flag, indicating the golden grass is a natural Brazilian wealth, with potential to produce beautiful high standard crafts, which, in addition to contributing to the economic development of the State, also reinforce the creativity of the Brazilians.

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