The greatest pieces of jewelry appeared on a new stamp issue! Let’s contemplate their beauty together…

October 13th, 2015

Three pieces of jewelry from Roman times continue the series of archaeological finds in Liechtenstein. These precious items amaze everyone with their beauty and chic. is glad to introduce to our readers' attention this gorgeous stamp issue with gorgeous jewelry items on them.

The "Broach" (value: CHF 0.85) made out of Red Jasper was originally inset into a finger ring and dates back to the first to second century. Experts presume that the god Apollo is depicted on the stone. The "Finger Ring" was made of 22 carat gold and a cameo of white chalcedony in the third century (value: CHF 1.00). The stone sculpted in high relief shows the face of Medusa who the Romans and Greeks believed could keep the wearer safe from harm.

The third special stamp showing a "Cameo" made out of green glass (value CHF 1.30) is also Liechtenstein's contribution this year to the stamp issue of SEPAC, an organisation of 14 small European postal administrations that regularly issue stamps on jointly agreed themes. This cameo shows the bust of the goddess Pallas Athene/Minerva wearing a helmet. She was also adorned with a finger ring in the first century.

The three pieces of jewellery were found during archaeological excavations in the 1990s. The locations are marked on the elaborately produced stamps.