The history of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg described with a new stamp issue

March 15th, 2015 got to know that Luxembourg Post has released a special stamp dedicated to the history of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The item has been released and put into circulation on the 3d of March.

The major European powers met in 1814 in Vienna to negotiate the redrawing of Europe's boundaries. Alongside a large United Kingdom of the Netherlands, entrusted to King William I, the Allies (England, Austria, Russia and Prussia) established a new independent state between the Meuse and the Moselle rivers: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The new state with a territory of 7.112 km2 and 351.916 inhabitants was made up mostly of the former Duchy of Luxembourg and the Duchy of Bouillon. Following the Belgian Revolution, the French speaking part (Duchy of Bouillon) was separated from Luxembourg and integrated in the new Belgian state.

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