The history of Valentine’s Day told with a new stamp issue by Hungary Post

February 10th, 2015 is glad to inform that Hungarian Post has presented its version of St. Valentine's Day stamps. The issue was released on the 4th of February and is now available for purchasing.

There is no more sublime feeling than the feeling of sincere, devoted and eternal love. Every year, on 14 February , this love is celebrated by millions of those in love throughout the world and according to number of Valentine's cards and messages sent, this day stands shoulder to shoulder with other great world's holidays. The privilege to celebrate the day dedicated to love is owed to the bishop Valen-tine, who lived in 3rd century in Rome.

At that time Christianity was young and new religion and the Christians were pursued and prosecuted. Valentin tried to help them in all possible ways, he performed and supported Christian marriages and gave roses from his garden to all those who married. He offered help to all who asked his advice opposing himself to the order by the Emperor Claudius II Gothicus, who at that time forbid engagements and marriages to soldiers believing that they won’t be willing to take part in wars if they have a wife and children waiting for them at home.

Because of his devotedness to Christianity and to wedding ceremony the Bishop Valentine was imprisoned and on 14 February (on the eve of the Roman spring holiday Lupercalia) decapitated. The folks, who were especially fond of Valentine, soon proclaimed him a saint and the patron of young and those in love. When, after some time, Christianity consolidated in Rome the priests also proclaimed 14 February as the St. Valentine's Day.

The first to do so was the Pope Gelasius I in 496 and in 1969 the Pope Paul VI erased the day from the main catholic calendar of saints, so that the day became an optional remembrance day. For billions of those in love throughout the world this saint, who in a sense died for love, is the veritable patron of all who are in love. Although many people today will criticize the celebration of Valentine's Day because of its commercialisation, the fact is that it is celebrated in the whole world.

On that day women and girls in the whole world receive about 50 tons of roses, many pairs want to legalise their relationship just on St. Valentin's Day, and even those who during year forget to give presents and show their beloved persons that they care about them stop for a moment and apprehend the deepest meaning of love – it is at its best when generously shared!