The idyllic Lake Constance and its natural wonders. 3 harmonious stamps released by Swiss Post

May 26th, 2016

Popularizing green style of life Swiss Post has presented three special stamps dedicated to Lake Constance. As a so-called Euregio area, the Lake Constance serves as a point of connection between the three bordering countries of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. This region is a unique and diverse area characterized by abundant nature as well as large, vibrant cities such as Constance, Bregenz and St. Gallen. Part of the region's special charm lies in its diversity, which is precisely what emanates from the three special stamps with a face value of 0.85 each. invites our readers to join the "Think Green" initiative by adding these interesting philatelic items to their collections.

Let's get one thing clear from the start: anyone hoping to spot a monster is going to be disappointed. Surrounded by three countries, the waters do not conceal any sea creatures in the vein of Nessie, for example. With its wealth of islands, Lake Constance is simply too idyllic for that. However, anglers near Bregenz did recently catch a huge wels catfish measuring 2.5 metres in length. Experts even suspect the existence of older and larger specimens gliding through the depths, measuring up to 3 metres in length and weighing well over 100 kilograms.

But this shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying their water-sports or indulging their fascination with the stunning sunsets and fantastic cloud formations reflected in the enormous mirrored surface. This natural wonder consists of three bodies of water: the Obersee (upper lake), Untersee (lower lake) and Seerhein, which links the first two. The shoreline of this gem is shared by three countries. So it is no surprise that Swiss Post has chosen to present its new special stamp as a triptych.

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