The Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage: Tiberius Bridge and the Via Claudia Augusta depicted on stamps

May 8th, 2014

Poste Italiane issued two ordinary stamps within the series "The Italian artistic and cultural heritage" dedicated to Tiberius Bridge in Rimini and the Via Claudia Augusta.

The first stamp depicts a perspective view of Tiberius Bridge over the River Marecchia in Rimini, also called "Roman Bridge", whose construction was begun by Augustus in 14 AD and completed by Tiberius in 21 AD, an architectural jewel that testifies to the perfection of the infrastructure of the Roman age.

The second stamp represents a Roman bridge, with a single arch, located near Lamon, one of the few remaining architectural remains of the Via Claudia Augusta. At the bottom left of the stamp logo is reproduced reminding about the two thousandth anniversary celebrations of the ancient street.

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