The last stamp of national park series introduced by Finland

May 27th, 2014

The fifth and last stamp in the series introducing Finnish national parks was published in May. The stamp depicts the Linnansaari National Park which was established in 1956 and protects the valuable nature of Saimaa island and beautiful landscapes of the Saimaa lakeland archipelago. The 1st class Linnansaari National Park stamp designed by Teemu Ollikainen will be published in a self-adhesive booklet of ten stamps.

Linnansaari is one of the best habitats for the Saimaa ringed seal and offers one of the densest osprey populations in Finland. The 40-kilometer long and 5-10-kilometer wide national park comprises over 130 islands. A dense coniferous and mixed forest begins behind the shore cliffs visible from the lake. One of the most popular sites in Linnansaari is Linnavuori, a magnificent vantage point.

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