The legend behind the invention of postage stamp

February 1st, 2015 got to know interesting legend behind the invention of postage stamp. The legend seems to be a real fairy-tail.

Legend has it that Englishman Rowland Hill saw a postman give a young woman a letter from her fiancé. The year was 1840, and at that time postage was paid by the person receiving the letter. The woman handed the unopened envelope back to the postman, and Hill asked her why she didn't accept the letter. She explained that her fiancé had written some secret symbols on the envelope that told her all she needed to know. As a result, she didn't have to pay for the expensive letter.

This single event proved to be a catalyst for Rowland's restructuring of the English postal system. Postage costs would subsequently be paid by the sender. In order to make it easier to receive payment, small paper slips started being produced and acted like a receipt: the stamp.