The Little Golden Books on 2015 Children’s Welfare Stamps introduced by PostNL

July 15th, 2015

Many people grew up with the stories of The Five Little Firemen, The Taxi that Hurried and Katie the Kitten. got to know that this year the joyful images of the Little Golden Books were featured on the Children's Welfare Stamps.

PostNL and the Foundation for Children's Welfare Stamps Netherlands expect the stamps with this colourful design to be well received. The foundation will donate the proceeds to projects that create opportunities for vulnerable children both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The new Children's Welfare Stamp campaign will start in September. A new component in the campaign this year is that the schools themselves may decide how to spend the proceeds brought in by their pupils. They are given a choice between three causes: putting an end to child labour, giving every child a home, and staying in school.

Ludo Voorn, Marketing Director at PostNL: "Who didn't grow up with the Little Golden Books? "I am convinced that these Children's Welfare Stamps will evoke warm, happy memories for many people". How great will it be to send a card or a letter with a Little Golden Book stamp on it?"

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