The longest-lived sovereign in history commemorated by New Zealand Post. A series of lenticular stamps original stamps released...

April 26th, 2016

On 21 April 2016, Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years old, making her the first British monarch to reach this impressive milestone. To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, New Zealand Post created a very special stamp issue that's not to be missed.

Queen Elizabeth II has achieved many incredible milestones as the reigning monarch, including being New Zealand's and Britain's longest-reigning monarch, being the longest-lived sovereign in history and being married longer than any other monarch. is glad to introduce to our readers' attention a special series of lenticular stamps that perfectly encapsulate the breadth and longevity of Her Majesty's life and reign as sovereign.

Included in the issue are three stamps, housed within a unique miniature sheet. Each stamp contains three images ‒ simply tilt the miniature sheet and watch the images change! The images take us from the Queen's christening in 1926 right through to her attendance at the 2015 Anzac commemorations in London. As you tilt the miniature sheet, the captions beneath the stamps change too ‒ resulting in a comprehensive view of the Queen's lifetime. The stamps are featured in a classic stylised gold-gilded frame against a royal purple background, making this a truly regal stamp issue.

New Zealand Post: Queen Elizabeth II - 90th Birthday First Day Cover