April 2nd, 2018

The Mastodon – Ancient Giant of the Forests. A special stamp with a historical artefact released by Slovenia Post


FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to let our readers know that Slovenia Post has released a special stamp dedicated to the Mastodon – shaggy, elephant-like creatures standing up to 14 feet tall and weighing 4 to 6 tons. They lived 30 million years ago—long after the dinosaurs. One of the last European mastodons – of the Anancus arvernensis species – would periodically graze in forest of Slovenia. 

Anancus arvernensis inhabited a large part of Europe, appearing in the late Miocene and surviving until the start of the Pleistocene. Some other species inhabited parts of Asia and Africa. The Anancus was very similar to today's elephants, although with much longer, straight tusks and different-shaped teeth.

So, the postage stamp depicts a mastodon tooth discovered more than 70 years ago in a Slovenian region. This large tooth (a molar) is from the lower jaw, as also indicated by its strong root. It is not known what is the age of the tooth, but it is likely to have belonged to an animal that grazed this hill area. Today the mastodon's tooth is on display at the Natural History Museum of Slovenia. The stamp also incorporates a form of augmented reality: use the HP Reveal app to scan the stamp on a mobile device and launch an X-ray video of the cross section of the mastodon's tooth.


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