The most appreciated Romanian artists marked with stamps. 6 new items presented by Romfilatelia

December 30th, 2017

As a sign of appreciation and respect for some of the most beloved Romanian actors, Romfilatelia introduced the newest postage stamp issue, Stars of Stage and Screen.

The issue consists of six stamps that illustrate the portraits of actors Maia Morgenstern, Oana Pellea, Luminita Gheorghiu, George Mihaita, Horatiu Malaele and Marcel Iures, the brightest personalities of the Romanian stage and screen. invites everyone to take a closer look at this issue!

The first stamp features a beautiful portrait of Maia Morgenstern – a Romanian film and stage actress, often described as “a symbol of Romanian theater and film”. In the English-speaking world, she is probably best known for the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. In Romania, she has been nationally known since her 1992 role as Nela in Balanța.

The second stamp portrays Romanian-born actress Oana Pellea who has won numerous accolades for her theatre and film work. Born in Bucharest in 1962, Oana studied at the Romanian Theatre and Film Academy before going on to star in numerous stage and screen productions.

Luminita Gheorghiu depicted on the third stamp is one of the most appreciated and award-winning actresses in Romania. She made her debut during University years, on the stage of Casandra Studio. She achieved international recognition for her roles in The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2006) and Child’s Pose (2013). Gheorghiu’s roles have mostly been in Romanian and French, including that in Code Unknown with Juliette Binoche.

The fourth item features an emblematic actor of the Romanian George Mihaita who has become famous in theatre and film through talent, facial expressivity, and also specific voice. This talent and passion brought him many awards, such as: Best Actor 2010, Best Actor 2007 etc.  In 2002, he was decorated with the National Order for Faithful Service in the rank of Knight, “for the devotion and artistic grace put in the service of the Romanian theatre”.

Horatiu Malaele who appeared on the fifth stamp of this issue is a reputed Romanian actor, director, cartoonist and writer with a special activity in theatre and film, where he played numerous roles. He first appeared as a film actor in 1974, appearing in two films that year: Păcală (“Caution”) and Muntele Ascuns (“The Hidden Mountain”), and has gone on to act in over two dozen other films.

The last stamp features Marcel Lureş - one of Romania’s most acclaimed stage and film actors. He has acted in films and on stage both in Romania and internationally, as well as playing at least ten roles on Romanian and British television. He has continued to explore new artistic challenges such as voiceovers for Disney and in the world of computer games.