The notable contribution of Government Vessels highlighted by Hongkong Post

May 16th, 2015 got to know that Hongkong Post released a set of special stamps on "Government Vessels" on the 6th of May. The issue consists of six items and is already available for purchasing.

To ensure the safe and efficient operation of one of the busiest ports in the world and to support the provision of a wide range of marine services, several Hong Kong Government departments maintain specialised vessels. Some of these are purpose-built and equipped with advanced facilities designed to perform a diverse range of duties, such as inspection and quarantine, water quality control, patrolling, firefighting and hydrographic works, among others.

In recognition of their notable contribution to upholding law and order and safeguarding public safety, Hongkong Post issued a set of six special stamps to depict specialist vessels from six government departments. These vessels stand out against a grey background showing local landscapes, which add local interest to the stamps.

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