September 7th, 2015

The painting of Chinook salmon won the top prize on the State-Fish Art Stamp contest is glad to inform that UGA (University Of Georgia, USA) freshman Christina Voss' painting of Chinook salmon won a major national art contest. The 2015 winner of the State-Fish Art Stamp contest found out through social media that her fish had captured the top prize. The girl was very surprised by such news.

"We were required to submit through [high] school", she told WSB. "It was last spring, and I had forgotten about it".
It's safe to say she remembers it now, as her painting will be on a $5 stamp, available to purchase at The organization hosts several art contests each year to help raise funds for their many conservation efforts.

Hundreds of entries from all 50 states were judged in the annual competition. For Voss, the competition gave her the opportunity to mix two things she really admires: art and the environment.

"I think art is essential aspect to promote, and this had the conservation part too", she said.
She added that she is a big believer in promoting art in schools and throughout our lives.

The Marietta native is the first winner from Georgia in the contest's 15 year history. Her picture of salmon braving the currents is available for the world to see, even if it was for a class.

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