The perfection of Slovakia’s architecture

September 19th, 2014 is glad to inform that Slovakia Post is issuing a commemorative stamp depicting the beauty of its architecture. The theme of this issue is a gorgeous Wedding Palace. The stamp is to be released and put into circulation on the 19th of September.

The Wedding Palace in Bytča is generally viewed as one of the most significant late Renaissance buildings in the Kingdom of Hungary. It draws one's attention through its specific function and crucial position in the political and educational life of the client.

Standing detachedly within the castle premises, the palace is called “palota” (events hall) in historical sources. The term usually does not represent a particular type of a building. It denominates rather a pompous room of large dimensions. Having a rectangle shape, an impressive great hall located on the first floor of the one-storey building is exceptional from the perspective of local profane buildings.

The purpose of seeming detachment of the Wedding Palace events hall from the Bytča Castle premises was to give a new meaning to the building itself. Although, its creator proclaimed it to be a place of entertainment, in fact, it became a scene of a social and political life.

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