The Philippines as the mega-diverse country! 4 colourful wildlife stamps released

November 30th, 2015

The Philippines is considered as one of the mega-diverse country in the world. Its more than 7,100 islands have many endemic species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater, and invertebrates. invites our readers to contemplate the natural beauty of Philippines with this bright set of stamps focusing on some of the endemic Philippine Wildlife animals which are vulnerable from extinction.

Featured are four Philippine wildlife species of stamps positioned in vertical format, and in unique colorful designs are: Philippine Flower Pecker, Philippine Sail-Fin Lizard, Philippine Pangolin and Freshwater Purple Crab.

Philippine Flower Pecker is common in Western Visayas area. The Philippine Sail-Fin Lizard is endemic to the Philippines, where it lives near rivers in tropical forests. Philippine Pangolin and Freshwater Purple Crab are both endemic in Palawan province.

In recent years, however, these animals are threatened by ongoing habitat loss and degradation, and commonly subjected to hunting.

"PHLPost supports the education and information campaign of the government and the private sector in preserving and protecting our country's wild species of animals who are at risk of extinction", Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz said.