The Pioneers of Television stamps from France

October 18th, 2013

France Poste issued a set of six stamps to pay tribute to the great figures of the French small screen: Pierre Sabbagh (1918-1994), Leon Zitrone (1914-1995), Catherine Langeais (1923-1998), Denise Glaser (1920-1983), Jacqueline Joubert (1921-2005) and Pierre Desgraupes (1918-1993).

The bottom of the stamp block recalls the French television of 50s. On the screen of television, modern device appearing gradually at home, you can see Jacqueline Caurat, host of the popular TV show "Tele Philatelie".

A bit of history:

It was in 1949 when the Radio Diffusion Television Francaise was found and the first newscast created by Pierre Sabbaghwas released. At that time only 3000 airing receivers showing images in black and white were proudly present in French homes as instruments of luxury and social prestige.

It was the era of the first journalists to leave the writing in newspapers to work for the small screen, of the wise announcers with lacquered hairstyles, of interludes and legendary shows like "La Vie des Animaux", "La Sequence du Spectateur" or "Au Theatre cesoir".

The ORTF was found in 1964, the color appeared on the second channel in 1967. And it was not until 1976 that TF1 began color broadcasting in the Paris region on specific issuers. The last black and white issuers ceased broadcasting in 1989.

At the end of the ORTF in 1974 the National Audiovisual Institute is created with a mission to preserve, develop and transmit images of public television. Today they are available on

Pierre Sabbagh was successively reporter, director, producer and animator. He throws the formula of TV news with live commented reports in 1949.

Leon Zitrone, television news journalist for more than 20 years, became famous for his entertainment cults and comments on the Tour de France, the Olympics, military parades and royal weddings.

Jacqueline Joubert was one of the first two announcers and television producer. Married to journalist Georges de Caunes, she is the mother of Antoine de Caunes and grandmother of the actress Emma de Caunes.

Denise Glaser, first sound illustrator,is the star and presenter of the Discorama program, which became the inevitable rendezvous of the French people on Sunday.

Catherine Langeais, star among announcers, anima of cooking shows alongside with the chef Raymond Oliver or entertainment shows like"36 chandelles".

Pierre Desgraupeswas one of the few journalists to run a TV channel. Chief of Information at the ORTF, while being columnist at Point, PDG and Antenne 2, he was the one who gave birth to la Sept and Europeantelevision network of public service.

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