The Sand Will Remember. Memorial Day 2016 marked with a new stamp

May 6th, 2016

The letter card, cover and stamp – all of which are special and unique to Memorial Day – constitute the basis of a sensitive, original and extraordinary tradition that came into being following the War of Independence. is glad to introduce a new stamp by Israel Post that remembers the War of Independence and marks Memorial Day 2016.

Since Memorial Day 1952, a long line of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers of Defense have signed personal letters to bereaved families of the fallen and Israel’s premier artists take part in designing the covers and stamps for this commemorative day.

Thus, from year to year, an unprecedented tradition has formed which, over time, has become one of the most recognized and extraordinary ambassadors of Israel's commemorative culture.

The stamp reflects the words of the song HaChol Yizkor (The Sand Will Remember) by Natan Yonatan.

The sand will remember the waves but the foam will not be remembered, except by those who passed with the late night wind. From their memory it will never be erased.