November 17th, 2014

The Sberatel became the largest philatelic meeting in Central and Eastern Europe is glad to inform that approximately 12,500 people visited the Sberatel/Collector, Investor and The Prague Gem & Mineral Show fairs that took place in the PVA EXPO Prague exhibition site from September 4 to September 6, 2014.

There were more than 230 exhibitors from dozens of countries. The event opening the fair season not just in Prague – Letňany, but also all over Europe, thus again became the largest meeting of collectors and investors into alternative commodities in Central and Eastern Europe.

A few hundred people had assembled in the lobby even before the fair was opened. The event is visited not just by collectors or people intending to invest into gold, coins, philatelic items or gemstones, but also by professional traders and wholesalers from all over Europe.

More than 10% of exhibitors attended the fair for the first time ever. They included, for example, large German auction houses, such as such as Gärtner, Stade and Schlegel, CGB from France. The Spanish Post also appeared in Eastern Europe for the first time; and representatives of China Great Wall Coins Investments, one of the largest Chinese gold traders, Belgian Coin Company and Antigoon Auctions, also from Belgium, or the Dutch philately trader Terwostamps arrived as well.

Innovations and stars at the fair. Many exhibitors use the fair as a platform to launch their new products. For example, Česká mincovna (Czech Mint) presented its coin commemorating the 200th anniversary of the world-renowned jeweller Gustave Fabergé. This year´s event was also attended by Helena Vondráčková, one of living legends of Czech pop music, and one of the most popular local indie bands, Tata Bojs.

The fair is a launching pad for a number of new post stamps every year. This year was no exception – presented there were post stamps with pictures of Škoda Superb and Škoda Popular Monte Carlo vintage cars by painter Václav Západlík, and a Cinderella stamp set named “Nature Protection – Beskydy Mountains”, which was introduced by its authors, graphic artists Libuše and Jaromír Knoteks and engraver Martin Srb.

For the first time ever in its history, the fair was accompanied by an international exhibition of post stamps, Praga Piccola International Philatelic Exhibition. It goal is to popularize philately among the general public.

The Sberatel became the largest philatelic meeting in Central and Eastern Europe

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