The second Polish Scientific Satellite celebrated on new Polish stamp

August 2nd, 2013

Poczta Polska issued a block of one stamp featuring the second Polish satellite.

The second Polish scientific satellite - BRITE-PL Heweliusz - is currently undergoing assembly. The satellite will be probable launched before the end of 2014. BRITE-PL is the name of a Polish scientific satellite project which consists of two satellites: BRITE-PL Lem and BRITE-PL Heweliusz. The two are part of a bigger scientific BRITE (BRIght-star Target Explorer) consortium. The BRITE-PL Lem satellite is already assembled and fully tested. Before the end of this year the BRITE-PL Lem should be launched into orbit onboard a Dnepr rocket. If this flight is successful, then Poland with gain its second satellite - after the student PW-Sat cubesat, which was launched in February 2012 on the maiden flight of the Vega rocket. The second BRITE-PL satellite, Heweliusz, is being assembled at the moment. Its various subsystems are integrated into the satellite structure. This is a very delicate and precise process and it is being done in a clean-room at the Polish Space Research Center (CBK) in Warsaw.

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