The State awards of the Russian Federation – greatest honor for each citizen! New series of 4 stamps released by Rusmarka

July 26th, 2016

The State awards of the Russian Federation are the higher mode of encouragement of persons for outstanding merits to the Fatherland, state constructions, economy, science, culture, art, education, philanthropic, health care and lives, civil rights, charity activity and other achievements before the State. To underline the importance of such honors Rusmarka has introduced a special series of four stamps depicting four different awards peculiar to the President of the Russian Federation. invites our readers to appreciate these originally designed stamps and to get to know the peculiarity of each of four awards described by Rusmarka.

The Order "For Military Merit" was founded in 1994

The Order of Military Merit is awarded to military officers for high levels of troops’ combat readiness and defense capacity of the Russian Federation; for courage and selflessness displayed in performing military duty; for high personal skills in the employment activity and professional development ; for the bravery and dedication which had shown during the performance of military duty in the course of combat or training - combat missions; for merits in strengthening comradeship-in-arm and military cooperation with foreign countries.

The Order of Naval Merit was founded in 2002

The Order of Naval Merit is awarded to Russian citizens for merits in the study, development, and use of the oceans, as well as developing and introducing new technologies and equipment for the Russian marine fleet; for merits in maintaining, expanding, researching and using of the exclusive Russian economic zone in the World ocean; for merits in protection from see robbers and poachers; for expertly organized and conducted naval trainings and maneuvers; for merits in the development, organization of production, construction and efficient operation of modern high-tech Russian civil and commercial fleets.

The Order of Honor was founded in 2002

The Order of Honor is awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation for excellence in industry, construction, agriculture, communications, energy, transport, improving the healthcare and education system; for accomplishments in culture and sport; for philanthropic and public activity; for productive national, charity an community work; for develop and promote children and youth sport and high performance sport.

The Parental Glory Order was founded in 2008

The Parental Glory Order is awarded to parents (adoptive parents), who have raised seven or more children (Russian citizens) in accordance with the family law of the Russian Federation. Rewards parents (adoptive parents ) and their children form socially responsible family and lead a healthy lifestyle , provide a high level of healthcare, education, physical, mental and moral amplification of children, full of harmony of their personalities are an example of the strength Family Institute and parenting.