The unique Czechoslovak stamp was sold for US$380,000. Latest auction news to your attention

March 15th, 2018 hurries to let our readers know that the most valuable Czechoslovak stamp was auctioned for CZK 7.8 million (US$379,307).

The starting price was four million crowns, but the lot managed to fetch its double estimate. The stamp was auctioned within the sale of the stamp collection of the best-known Czech philatelist Ludvik Pytlicek. The auction took place on March 11.

The stamp is printed in green ink, and in German. It also features the words “imperial and royal Austrian post: four crowns”. Superimposed along on a diagonal on top of that, in black ink, and in Czech, are the words “Czechoslovak Post 1919”. The four-crown green stamp was issued in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, of which the Czech Lands were part until the foundation of the Czechoslovak state in 1918, but it has a reversed overprint saying Posta ceskoslovenska (Czechoslovak Post) 1919.

Pytlicek bought the stamp in 1996 for 2.6 million crowns from its previous owner. Only a single specimen of this stamp has been known. The auction of the final part of Pytlicek's collection culminated with its sale. The philatelist was satisfied with the sale’s results. Although the name of a person who bought this unique stamp was not announced, Pytlicek assumes that it is German stamp auctioneer Christoph Gartner.