The unique error James A. Michener pane discovered! The most exciting philatelic news to your attention

May 4th, 2018 hurries to share the latest and the most exciting news with our readers. This piece of info concerns one of the greatest and latest philatelic discoveries – a color-missing error 59¢ James A. Michener stamp in intact pane of 20 stamps. This stamp was issued by USPS in 2008 and the unique items found recently are with three colors missing: red, cyan, magenta and yellow.

The pane was examined by the Philatelic Foundation in February 2016 and was identified as a color-missing error on a certificate of authenticity. Now the error pane is owned by Washington Stamp Exchange and now the company is offering to break it up for sale to collectors.

“The James Michener error pane was discovered in a sealed deck of 100 panes that Washington Press bought from Stamp Fulfillment Services shortly after the stamp’s issue date of May 12, 2008,” - Tim Devaney of Washington Stamp Exchange commented.

The value of this unique stamp hasn`t been determined yet, however the owning company is working on this issue currently.

We would like to remind you that James A. Michener stamp was issued in 2008  within the Distinguished Americans series. James A. Michener is best remembered for his novels, often multigenerational sagas that focus on the his­tory of a specific place while spanning vast periods of time. In the stamp art Michener is shown wearing a Hawaiian lei around his neck.