The voting is over! American Philatelic Society Election Results are for your attention

June 9th, 2016

Well, the voting is over and the results are in! The APS membership has selected its Board of Directors and American Philatelic Research Library Board of Trustees.

This has been really long-awaited event for all philately lovers. Let`s get acquainted with the results of voting with our team.

At stake for the APS were 10 of the 11 Board positions.  Current APS President Stephen Reinhard, who opted not to run for re-election will assume the position of Immediate Past President.  That position is currently occupied by former APS President Wade Saadi who will leave the Board in August 2016.  For the offices up for election, terms begin on August 6, 2016 following the General Membership meeting to be held in Portland, Oregon at the 2016 StampShow.  The terms will expire in 2019.

For the APRL, two Trustee positions were contested to replace outgoing Trustee Bruce Marsden, a candidate for APS Treasurer and the position currently held by Steven Zwillinger, who joined the Board in August 2015 to serve in an interim position.  There also was a Founder/Patron Trustee position to replace outgoing Trustee Stephen Schumann, a candidate for APS Secretary.  For the offices up for election, terms begin on August 5, 2016 at the annual meeting of the APRL Board of Trustees to be held in Portland.  The terms will expire in 2022.

Total number of ballots cast in the election was 3,961 and 3,951 were declared valid.  In the 2013 elections, a total of 4,710 were cast and 4,695 were found valid.

The election results were certified by APS members: Debbie Cleeton, Bill Lehr, and Richard Nakles, who served as the Board of Elections for the 2016 Elections.  Members of the Woodycrest United Methodist Church in State College, Pennsylvania also assisted in counting ballots again for the 2016 election.

The results are as follows:

American Philatelic Society


Percentage of Total Ballots
*Mick Zais Columbia, SC 2,016 51.7%
Ken Nilsestuen Akron, OH 1,882 48.2%
Other 3 0.1%


Board of Vice President (run as a team of 3)

Percentage of Total Ballots
*Patricia (Trish) Kaufmann Lincoln, DE    
*Jeff Shapiro Fayville, MA 2,220 56.9%
*Robert Zeigler Indianapolis, IN    
John Barwis Holland, MI
Alex Haimann St. Louis, MO 1,676 43%
Yamil Kouri Lexington, MA
Other 4 0.1%



Percentage of Total Ballots
*Stephen Schumann Hayward, CA 2,151 55.9%
Mark Butterline Maynard, MA 1,698 44.1%



Percentage of Total Ballots
*Bruce Marsden Short Hills, NJ 2,306 59.8%
Edwin Andrews Chapel Hill, NC 1,549 40.2%


Director-at-Large (Four Open Seats)

Percentage of Total Ballots
*Peter McCann University Park, FL 3,049 77.2%
*Mark Schwartz Philadelphia, PA 2,748 70%
*Rich Drews Palatine, IL 2,724 68.9%
*Michael Bloom Portland, OR 2,627 66.5%
Gordon Eubanks Pebble Beach, CA 2,583 65.4%
Other 8


APRL Board of Trustees

APS Member-elected (Two Open Seats)

Percentage of Total Ballots
*Steven Zwillinger Silver Spring, MD 2,915 73.8%
*Kristin Patterson San Jose, CA 2,777 70.3%
Mark Banchik Great Neck, NY 1,322 33.5%
Other 4


APRL Founder/Patron (Elected by Founders, Patrons, and Fellows of the APRL)

*Hugh Lawrence Encinitas, CA 36