The wonderful world of mushrooms marked by KEP. 4 special stamps released

April 10th, 2017

The nature of Kyrgyzstan is characterized by its huge diversity. In our mountainous country one can encounter members of the animal and plant world, which are characteristic of many different climatic zones. The new issue of KEP postage stamps is dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms - special organisms that combine features of both plants and animals. hopes that these stamps will contribute to the spread of knowledge about mushrooms, and also help in protecting these remarkable representatives of the nature of Kyrgyzstan.

In general, about 2,100 species of mushrooms are known in our country, of which 98 species are edible. Edible fungi are used by the population as a valuable food source. Not only do they have excellent taste qualities, but they are also the source of a large variety of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, so necessary for the good health of the human body.

The four KEP postage stamps represent some of the species of edible mushrooms that are quite common in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Rough-stemmed bolete or scaber stalk (lat. Leccinum scabrum) stamp;

  • Oyster mushroom (lat. Pleurotus ostreatus) stamp;

  • Black morel (lat. Morchella conica) stamp;

  • Boletus of the steppes (lat. Pleurotus eryngii) stamp.

It should be emphasized that mushrooms, including edible ones, are a very important element of the ecological system and therefore need constant protection. Immoderate, sometimes savage picking of mushrooms, such as morels, can lead to a sharp reduction in their natural reserves, which will negatively affect the ecological balance as a whole.