March 29th, 2018

The young of Iceland’s domestic animals. The second set of two stamps unveiled by Iceland Post

Iceland Post has prepared for issuing the second set in Postphil’s series “The young of Iceland’s domestic animals” that will be released in April. After kids and kittens in 2017, in 2018, the  “animals of honour” featured on new stamps are calves and lambs. The issued was designed by Hlynur Ólafsson and the images that appeared on the stamps are based on the photographs by Bára K. Kristinsdóttir.

Spring in Iceland is absolutely fantastic – with days getting longer and migratory birds returning from their winter dwellings and singing their way through day and night, everything comes back to life after a long winter… then lambing season starts and suddenly the countryside is bustling with life and excitement!

So, the first stamp is devoted to calves. In Iceland, it is not as common to see cattle out in the fields, but there are many milking cows and calves. However, the tourists who do not want to visit Icelandic country side may have a look at these animals at the Family Park and Zoo in Laugardalur in Reykjavík. The Zoo has most Icelandic animals, both wild and domesticated, from foxes, reindeer and seals to cattle, horses and of course sheep!

The second stamp is devoted to cute lambs. Lambing season in Iceland usually begins between March and May! It is a very exciting season, because ewes give birth at any time of day or night. The farmers have to be vigilant and be able to step in at any time in case of a problem. Usually each ewe gives birth to one or two lambs, seldom three. During Icelandic spring you may be lucky to see lambs suckling their mothers or jumping around in the fields with gusto!


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