May 14th, 2017

The Young of Iceland’s Domestic Animals. Two cute stamps released by Iceland Post

The young of Iceland’s domestic animals and pets will be featured on a stamp series which Postphil plans to issue in the near future. This time Iceland Post has introduced two lovely stamps from this series depicting a kid and a kitten. encourages our readers to appreciate the design of these cute items and to add them to their special stamp collections.


Spring is the most interesting time in the countryside and also in Reykjavík Park and Zoo, where new life arrives with joy and bustle. The baby kids in the Zoo are often the first arrivals. They are fun and lively, great favourites with both children and adult visitors. The first Icelandic settlers brought goats to Iceland, and all the goats now in the country are descended from them. Icelandic goats are on the list of endangered species.


There are exciting times ahead when a new kitten joins the family, and a lot to learn about how to help it adapt to its new home. Cats are clean animals and quick learners. The kittens’ diet differs from the nutrition needed by older cats and it is important to give them the right food. Children love playing with kittens: the exercise is good for the kitten, and strengthens its growing body, but play is also one of the best ways of bonding with a pet.

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