Theatre and performing arts festival in Romania. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival marked with 2 stamps

June 17th, 2016

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the most important theatre and performing arts festival in Romania, supports a creative dialogue at a European and international level. The festival aims to promote Romanian and international theatrical creations of the highest quality by presenting the most important shows of the moment.

To mark this cultural establishment Romfilatelia introduced two bright stamps that is glad to introduce to our readers' attention.

In 1993, a group of the "Radu Stanca" Theatre of Sibiu had the initiative to revive the city's lost sparkle by organizing a theatre festival, aided by Romanian cultural personalities and theatre personalities from Romania and abroad. The first edition of 1993 took place in that March, in a late winter with mounds of snow, and for many, who hadn't seen snow except in movies, Romania seemed a fascinating country. On the first edition the attending guests wore garlic in their pockets to ward off vampires.

In the spring of 1994, the ambitious "Festival of Young Professional Theatre" would start in the first theatre auditorium of central Europe, built 400 years previous.

The Sibiu Festival of Young Professional Theatre was the occasion on which to see the plays of the most important theatres in the country. All the shows of the first Sibiu Festival were free. Many people crowded the entrances where astonished porters were trying to keep up with a public thirsty for culture. The festival gained continuity; it achieved notoriety from America to Japan, to later become an institution with increasingly better defined persona and structure.

Awarded in 2015 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for its contribution to the development of cultural relations between Japan and Romania, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival contributes substantially to the consolidation of Romania's prestige on an international level, leading successfully to the development of the cultural tourism phenomenon.

The two stamps of the issue refer to the graphic elements of the festival's poster (the masked character) and also to the symbols or Sibiu's architecture (Council Tower, Potter's Tower). Through this postage stamp issue, dedicated to the cultural manifestation, the stamp once again certifies its role as ambassador of culture in the world.

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