Think Green from Home. Waste recycling propagated by two new Latvian stamps!

May 16th, 2016

Think Green in the joint stamp series of the European countries is scheduled for May 9, 2016

Latvijas Pasts traditionally releases two stamps in Europa series every year. This year, each of the stamps was designed by a different author. is glad to introduce to our readers' attention this inspiring ecology supporting stamps by Latvian Post that are remarkable by their brightness and original designs.

The first Think Green stamp was designed by the artist Doxia Sergidou (Cyprus Post). The denomination of the stamp is € 0.78, which is suitable for mailing a regular Class A letter to any country in the European Union (EU).

The second stamp and the cover were designed by the artist Arta Ozola Jaunarāja. The squirrel depicted on them is a symbol that calls for supporting waste sorting and recycling. The denomination of the stamp is € 0.78, which corresponds to the cost of mailing a Class A letter to any EU country.

The originator of Europa postage stamps is PostEurop Association, and stamps with a single logo and a common theme in this series have been issued throughout Europe since 1994. In previous years, the themes of Europa postage stamps were related to literature, natural attractions, travel, postal transport and old toys.