TJAŠA IRIS, an artist with postal stamps

September 23rd, 2013

The Postal Services of Slovenia is planning to issue 30 stamps per year for the next 5 years in cooperation with the painter Tjaša Iris. First set of 16 paintings-stamps in 6 different designs is out in edition of ONLY 20, except of Red Set being an edition of 60.

Tjaša Iris is offering them to stamp - and art collectors as an original art work in the form of Limited Edition Prints, besides them having a high philatelic value as well. Collectors will receive them hand signed by the painter with a certificate of authenticity and origin.

Her second set of 14 paintings-stamps will be out before the end of the year. Collectors can order them on-line directly from the painter's web site:

Tjaša Iris is a fast emerging international artist. Slovenian-born, she splits her time between Europe and Asia. She is known as an exceptional colorist. She paints gardens with lush vegetation in complex compositions, magical atmospheres and very bright happy colors. Besides being an artist, she is a stamp collector since the age of 8. Tjaša Iris said: "Stamps for me were little pieces of the world and world history that I could touch with my fingers. The pictures on them inspired me and made me dream. I am not sure if I would be an international artist today, without have collected stamps as a child. Probably not. It influenced my life to a great extent. I am also so happy today that I can contribute myself to the Global Universe of Stamps that I love so much since the age of 8."

The stamps will be very colorful, happy and beautiful. They represent her 2005 - 2009 European paintings from the series called: "Gardens of Eden" painted in the Mediterranean Slovenia, Italy and France.

For collectors Tjaša Iris's stamps represent an unusual - rare set to their already existing stamp collection. A very special one, because besides of a philatelic investment - value they also have a value as an original piece of art. "Love them. Great collection items. Value can only go up!!" said Dolores Parrish Fleming, the art collector from Memphis, Tennessee.

Tjaša is currently preparing for her first two solo museum shows in art museums in Chiang Mai and Bangkok (Thailand) for the end of this year. Stamps were issued as part of her global crowd funding event. The exhibition will later travel to Dubai and Singapore. For more information please visit Tjaša Iris's web site:

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