Today Sly cat summer stamp is to be issued

May 9th, 2014

Buoyant, energetic, sly and pleasure seeking... Ammi Krogius' animals always have human qualities. On this year's summer stamp, Ammi has featured a cat with a fishing rod, fishing for dinner.

"This motif came out of a sensation of sitting on a rock, angling. I was thinking of how much I enjoy the Åland archipelago", Ammi explains.
Ammi Krogius is a trained ceramist and, together with her husband, she previously ran a pottery for 25 years in Provence. Since 1999, however, she resides in Mariehamn, and the animals that previously took form in clay can now be seen in her paintings.

"I find it difficult to limn people. Instead, I feature animals and give them human qualities," Ammi explains. She sees her style as somewhat naïve and finds inspiration using her own imagination.

"I want my paintings to tell a story, but it must be a positive story, not a sad one. This time, I chose a cat; I like cats. They are bon vivants, sly and wise, indeed, many of their qualities remind very much of us."

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