Toivo Kärki – a musical soul of Finnish nation

February 28th, 2015 hurries to inform that Finnish Post is ready to release a special stamp issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of Toivo Kärki's birth. The issue consists of three stamps that are to be put into circulation on the 2d of March.

Toivo Pietari Johannes Kärki was a Finnish composer, musician, music producer and arranger. He is especially remembered for his collaboration with Reino Helismaa. Kärki composed approximately 1400 recorded compositions, many of which had several versions, and wrote hundreds of unrecorded songs.

He composed the music for about 50 films, several revues, theatrical plays, and radio comedies. He also arranged a large number of songs written by someone else. He trained several of Finland's most important popular music lyricists. During his career, he helped dozens of singers get started in the industry, many of which remain active to this day.

He made himself an important name in Finnish tango.

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