Tom Puss and Sir Oliver B. Bumble as Holland’s most celebrated cartoon duo. Two bright stamps released by PostNL

June 9th, 2016 hurries to inform our readers that PostNL issued two new stamps in honour of the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of classic Dutch cartoon characters Tom Puss and Sir Oliver B. Bumble, created by the late Marten Toonder.

The stamp sheet features original illustrations of the two characters, a heroic white cat and his sidekick, a bear of noble birth. Designer Frank Janse was inspired by the contrast between the two characters' personalities, use of language and physical appearance: the sensitive aristocrat Bumble and the level-headed Tom Puss.

Differences between the two protagonists

To highlight the contrast between the pair, Janse opted for a vivid red to reflect the passionate, impetuous nature of Oliver B. Bumble, while blue represents the down-to-earth attitude of Tom Puss. "I also wanted the stamps to honour the way Toonder has enriched the Dutch language, so each stamp bears one of the characters' signature phrases", Janse explained.

First stamp sheet for Haarlem Mayor

Mayor Bernt Schneiders of the North Holland town of Haarlem will be presented with the first "Tom Puss 75th Anniversary" stamp sheet by PostNL Marketing Manager Mark-Jan Pieterse today at the opening of this year's Stripdagen Haarlem, a biannual comic festival hosted by the town. Bernt Schneiders on the new stamp sheet: "Marten Toonder made these two cartoon characters into true icons of Dutch popular culture. I always like to imagine what Bumble and Tom Puss would say in certain situations, and, since they are our most famous cartoon duo, I think they deserve their own stamps".

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