Town Festivals second series of stamps from Iceland

May 21st, 2014

The number of town festivals held in Iceland in the summer has been increasing in recent years. They have become a valued part in the cultural life of many towns and communities in the country. The second series of the Town Festivals stamps commemorate some of them described below.

The Lobster Festival in Höfn in Hornafjörður. This festival can be traced to the initiative of individuals and companies who wanted to sponsor an annual town festival. The celebrations date back to 1993 and have been held with the active participation of local companies. Hornafjörður is known for lobster fishing, lending its name to the festival.

The Herring Adventure is the town festival of Siglufjörður, one of the oldest of its kind in Iceland. The great herring adventure in Iceland lasted for 100 years. The festival was first held in 1991 and has since become an annual local event. It has its roots in the town's colourful history as one of the most energetic fishing towns in the past.

The "Night of Lights" celebration is a culture and family festival held annually in Reykjanesbær. It dates back to September 2nd 2000 when it constituted a tribute to Reykjavík which held the prestigious title of the European City of Culture in the year 2000. A number of musicians, performers and local artists stage performances and art exhibitions all over town during the three days of the Night of Lights.

Danish Days is a family festival which is held annually in the town of Stykkis- hólmur. Stykkishólmur in the west of Iceland has sometimes been referred to as a Danish town. Danish Days were first celebrated on 21 February 1994 with the involvement of local organizations. On this occasion the town is mostly decorated in the colours of the Danish flag.

Culture Night is the annual event of Reykjavík, the Icelandic capital. It was initiated 1996 and has over time become one of the largest and best-known festivals of the country with rich and diverse cultural events taking place all over the city. Usually over 100,000 visitors will attend the Cultural Night celebrations and its approximately 600 events.

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