May 1st, 2018

Tremendous waves crashing against the rocks. A bright Sepac 2018 stamp presented by Faroe Islands Post is glad to present the next issue from Faroe Islands Post in the Sepac series of stamps issued by small European posts. The joint 2018 theme is Spectacular views and, with the sea as next-door neighbour, Faroe Islands Post chose to illustrate the tremendous waves came crashing against the rocks. The heavy surf and high seas raising havoc along the Faroese coastline are not usual for the islands; however such bright scenery was captured at Torshavn’s campground.

Thousands of tourists visit the islands every year to see, feel and experience their beauty, especially in summer. The islands also attract many tourists with a great variety of cultural events that usually takes place during this season. However, if you want to experience genuine Nature dramas, you should travel to the Faroe Islands in the off-season when tourism is slack. This means autumn or winter - when Nature offers hair-raising impressions and experiences. This is the season of furious storms and hurricanes.

The motif of Faroe Islands Sepac 2018 stamp is "brim" (high-surf) that is a usual companion of a stormy weather. The Faroese surf makes for a pretty impressive sight crashing against rocky shores or breaking on islets and skerries. In some extreme cases, it can even cause some destruction to the areas nearby or throw wreckage quite some distances from the shore. But even in relatively moderate wind, the surf will create distinctive moods that can only be experienced by watching it in person.


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